Assignment 2 for 10-707 in Fall 2010

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What to do

What to do

Write up approximately one-two page, covering:

  • Who is on this team.
  • Which data you plan to use.
  • What you plan to do with the data, what questions you plan to answer, and if appropriate, who will be working on what aspects of the problem.
  • Why you think this is interesting - and if you published the work, what community (eg, what conference) you think the work would be most relevant to.
  • Any relevant superpowers you might have
  • How you plan to evaluate your work- and if you need to do any labeling for training and evaluation, estimate how long this will take.
  • What techniques you plan to use - and some citations for these methods. If you plan to use existing implementations, even as baselines, also describe where they are available and what evidence you have that they are stable.

I strongly suggest that you work with an existing dataset you have access to, rather than try to roll your own - building datasets is a lot of work.

Where to put it

Just put it on the wiki, and put a link to it in the list below, as in the example.

When it is due

Friday, 10/8