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The PropBank dataset (or, Proposition Bank) [1] is annotated with Semantic Role Label.

The dataset is available via Language Data Consortium (LDC) [2].

Semantic role label of the PropBank is predicate-argument relation. Each sentence in the text of the original Penn Treebank is annotated with a set of semantic roles defined for each verb. For example,

Frameset accept.01 "take willingly"
Arg0: Acceptor
Arg1: Thing accepted
Arg2: Accepted-from
Arg3: Attribute
Ex: [Arg0 He][ArgM-MOD would][ArgM-NEG n't] accept [Arg1 anything of value][Arg2 from those he was writing about]. (wsj_0186)

Hand-checked syntactic parse trees are available since annotation was performed on the Penn Treebank corpus.