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Name: Dongyang Teng


Personal Page:

Facebook RenRen

I'm a ECE student from Shanghai, China. I've found lots of information on the website of U.S. Most of them can't be reached in China. :)

This course attracts me a lot, since we may know some principles of some social network, and how they connect peoples' daily life together. i.e(Facebook,Twitter)

In China, students cannot connect to the Facebook or Twitter due to the nation firewall, but there is still a social network named RenRen, which means Everyone. This one is similar to Facebook in the style, and it also make some improvement from Facebook.

I've done some research about digital watermarking, which is used to protect the copyright of digital image. The watermark is invisible and won't destroy the integer and harmony of a image. I think it's useful in today's social network, since the photos you upload to a social network is likely to be taken away by others without permission. If we embed some invisible information picture, and the mark embedded can also be recovered from the image.This will help prove our ownership of the image and hence the security of our information, even decrease the rate of information crime occurred between social network.

File:My paper related to the watermarking.pdf