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Niting's Page

About me

I am Niting Qi, a first year M.Sc. student at the ECE department.

I'm newly enrolled this spring semester. My bachelor study was foucus on Signal Processing, which is also my research interest.

I am interested in techniques for modeling and predicting trends in social media. I believe this couse will be fun!

Special Skills I have: Programming Languages: C, Verilog, HTML. Application Software: Matlab, LabVIEW, Multisim, Spice, Arena

This is link to my homepage:

Thanks for visiting my page.

Project for course 10802

This is a link to our project page for course 10802:

Paper Review

Paper review 1: Review for The Structure of Scientific Collaboration Networks

Paper review 2: Xufei Wang, ICDM, 2010

Paper review 3: Dan Cosley, AAAI, 2010

Paper Presentation

Presenting a paper in a talk [[1]]