10-601 Network Models

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E. Airoldi, D. Blei, S. Fienberg, and E. P. Xing,Mixed Membership Stochastic Blockmodel Journal of Machine Learning Research, 9(Sep):1981--2014, 2008.

Taking home message

  • Networks can be described by global/local features (what are they?)
  • But these features are not helpful for inferring individual nodal information.
  • SBM is a probabilistic model for grouping network nodes into communities/clusters, each cluster corresponds to a single "role" or social position
  • MMSB is a probabilistic model that allows each node to have multiple roles, and allow each edge to have contextual-dependent role instantiations.
  • dMMSB can infer multi-role trajectories for every node.
  • Inference of MMSB and dMMSB employs MCMC or VI