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ANERgazet is an Arabic gazetteer which had been built from web resources. It consists of three types of gazetteers.

  • Location : This gazetteer consists of 1,950 names of continents, countries, cities, rivers and mountains found in the Arabic version of wikipedia16.
  • Person : A list of 1,920 complete names of people found in wikipedia and other websites were used to built this gazetteer. The names were split into first and last names and duplicate names were removed. After this processing the gazetteer consists of 2,309 person names.
  • Organizations : This one consists of 262 names of companies, football teams and other organizations.

The corpus is publicly available and can be downloaded from [download URL].

The gazetteer has been used in several papers such as Benajiba et al, CICLing 2007, Benajiba and Rosso, IICAI 2007, Benajiba and Rosso, LREC 2008.