Assignment 3 for 10-707 in Fall 2010

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Two Page Status Report on Project

This is a chance to tell me how your project is progressing - what's you accomplished, and what you plan to do in the future. There's no format, but here are some things you might discuss.

  • What dataset will you be using? What does it look like (e.g., how many entities are there, how many tokens, etc)? Looking over the data is always a good first step before you start working with it, what did you do to get acquainted with the data?
  • Do you plan on looking at the same problem, or have you changed your plans?
  • If you plan on writing code, what have you written so far, in what languages, and what do you still need to do?
  • In you plan on using off-the-shelf code, what have you installed, what experiences have you had with it?
  • If you've run a baseline system on the data and gotten some results, what are they? are they consistent with what you expected?

List of updates: