Class Meeting for 10-802 02/02/2010

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This is one of the class meetings on the schedule for the course Social Media Analysis 10-802 in Spring 2010.


  • Harshit Suruna: Influence Maximization for Viral Marketing
  • Mehdi Samadi: Action extraction using the Web
  • Lauri Jones, Peter Landwehr: Community Dynamics for the AskMetaFilter Q/A site
  • Kriti Puniyani: Analysis of Twitter with LinkLDA
  • Dong Nguyen: An analysis of perspectives in informal political text with ccLDA
  • Sky Speakman, Bhavana Dalvi,Leman Akoglu: Analysis of Large-Scale Calling Network
  • Gopala Krishna Anumanchipalli, Aasish Pappu: Comment behavior for TED
  • Selen Uguroglu: Tracking Celebrity Influence on Products
  • Brendan O'Connor: Sentiment Analysis with Non-unigram Features
  • Rushin Shah: Project title TBA
  • Chih-Chao Chen: Project title TBA


For Thursday: