Class meeting for 10-605 SSL on Graphs

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This is one of the class meetings on the schedule for the course Machine Learning with Large Datasets 10-605 in Fall 2017.



Optional Readings

  • Frank Lin and William W. Cohen (2010): Semi-Supervised Classification of Network Data Using Very Few Labels in ASONAM-2010.
  • PP Talukdar, K Crammer (2009): New regularized algorithms for transductive learning Machine Learning and Knowledge Discovery in Databases, 442-457
  • Partha Pratim Talukdar and William W. Cohen (2014): Scaling Graph-based Semi Supervised Learning to Large Number of Labels Using Count-Min Sketch in AI-Stats 2014.
  • Sujith Ravi and Qiming Diao. "Large Scale Distributed Semi-Supervised Learning Using Streaming Approximation." arXiv preprint arXiv:1512.01752 (2015).

Key things to remember

  • What SSL is and when it is useful.
  • The harmonic fields and multi-rank walk SSL algorithms, and properties of these algorithms.
  • What is optimized by the MAD algorithm, and what the goal is of the various terms in the optimization.
  • The power iteration clustering algorithm.