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Existing projects seeking members

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Project list

  • project:Active Learning in Link Prediction for social networks
    • Project description : Link prediction often works as a friend suggestion tool that users make confirmation to a list of friend suggestions provided by the system, which is similar to an active learning framework that the system can query the user by providing a suggestion and learn from the feedback. Please see the project page for details.
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  • project:Detection of Ad Hominem attacks in blog and review data
    • Project description : I am interested in trying to automatically detect ad hominem and general person-directed insult in product reviews (for example, for a book written by Bill O'Reilly or Barack Obama, inciting verbal attacks against the author rather than the book content) and/or blog data (political blogs, or "hot-button" issue blogs). I have a manually curated training dataset of insult sentences, as well as scrapped blog data that can be mined. I'm open to working with one or two partners who can code in Python.
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  • project:Tag Predicting For Stackoverflow
    • Project description: Are you interested in improving the current algorithms result by innovation and experimenting? Do you like to know if sometimes machine can really think smarter than human-beings? Are you interested in working with big data? Come and join this project! We are trying to build a wonderful tag predicting system for a website. Even more, if successful, such algorithm can definitely be generalized to fit a lot of prediction and classification problems.
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People list

  • Bhavana Dalvi (
    • wikipage:User:Bbd
    • I am interested in doing a project related to viral marketing, also open to other ideas.