Initial 805 project proposal

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For 805 students only: the initial project proposal is due via email to You will get feedback on it from the instructors, and it will also be posted to the class - mainly for 605 students that are interested in collaborating, but also for general interest. Please be clear about your proposal. I'm expecting approximately one page. Details on the final project are on the wik.

You should discuss what dataset you plan to use, what results you hope to obtain, what baseline technique you will build on and/or compare to. For this class it's fine for the project to concentrate on issues other than accuracy (eg time or memory or parallelization or...). It's not appropriate to use a dataset that's not large enough to require any of the methods discussed in the class.

Also include a section saying if you have teammates; and if you are willing to work with/mentor one or more 605 students, and if so, how you anticipate them contributing to the project. If you have a teammates enrolled in 10-605 include their cvs.

Important: Students often underestimate the time needed to collect data: so you must have the dataset in-hand at proposal time and be prepared to discuss characteristics of it with me when you propose. You may use an existing dataset (and this is generally preferred).