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This dataset is provided by Malouf and Mullen. The dataset contains data from the online forum on the website politics.com (which doesn't seem to exist anymore -- may 2009). The main advantage of this dataset is that users have been annotated with their political stance (if they had indicated this in their user profile). Disadvantages is that the dataset is very noisy (although it is an political forum, there is also a lot of off-topic talk), and the number of active users is relatively small.

Some statistics

  • Total number of users: 408
  • Left users: 96
  • Right users: 88
  • Number of threads: 3861
  • Number of posts: 77,854
  • Date: Dec. 2004 - June 2005

Obtaining the dataset

There is no website with a download link. Contact the authors of the following paper to obtain the dataset.

R. Malouf and T. Mullen. Graph-based user classification for informal online political discourse. In Proceedings of the 1st Workshop on Information Credibility on the Web, 2007.