Submission Instructions for submitting paper reviews

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When you are done with the paper review, please send email in following format only :

  • from : your ANDREW email ID only
  • to :
    • If you send email to above email address, Prof. William and TAs all will receive your email.
    • DO NOT send emails to any other email address.
  • subject : should contain [review-1] in the subject line
    • If its second paper review, then subject will contain [review-2]
  • message : email body should contain link to the main wiki page containing review. If you have created additional pages for method used, dataset used etc. list those links as well in the email.

If you have already sent us email in any other format, RESEND it using the above format. Due to the large size of this class, please follow above instructions to make sure that your assignment will get evaluated in time.