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Bo Lin

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Home Page (Old Link)

Basic Information

Hi! I am Bo Lin, a second year masters student in LTI. I am hoping to see how is the latest technology in information extraction and whether I could apply them into possible new context like social media in the future.

This page serves as the personal information page for both Information Extraction and Social Media Analysis classes.

Current Research and Past Work

My current work for my masters is on co-reference resolution, including within-document and cross-document, evaluation metrics and the visualization of entity correlations.

My past work includes language modeling (on CIKM2008) and machine transliteration (on ACL2009).

Social Media Analysis Course (Spring 2011)

Paper added to the wiki in January 2011

Brendan 2010 TweetMotif: Exploratory Search and Topic Summarization on Twitter

Paper added to the wiki in March 2011

Pak 2010 Twitter as a Corpus for Sentiment Analysis and Opinion Mining

Naive Bayes classifier learning

Sentiment analysis

Huang 2010 Conversational Tagging in Twitter

Information Extraction Course (Fall 2010)


Papers added to the wiki in September 2010

Visualization of Social Net

Automatic Evaluation Method

LIBSVM -- A Library for Support Vector Machines

Jansche 2002 Information extraction from voicemail transcripts

Sha 2003 Shallow Parsing with Conditional Random Fields

Papers added to the wiki in October 2010

Brin 1998 Extracting Patterns and Relations from the World Wide Web

Banko 2007 Open Information Extraction from the Web

Garera 2009 Structural, Transitive and Latent Models for Biographic Fact Extraction

Papers added to the wiki in November 2010

Conditional Random Fields

Latent semantic indexing

Mann 2005 Multi-Field Information Extraction and Cross-Document Fusion