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Gabriel Parent

Master Student, LTI, CMU

Parent Gabriel.jpg

Project: Forum-Based Language Learning Analysis

Why Social Media Analysis?

As part of my research, I used crowdsourcing to obtain linguistic data. This showed me how groups of individuals can accomplish amazing tasks. More generally, I think social media are very interesting phenomena, and I are likely to be omnipresent in the next decades. This class will help me understand why social media are so popular, and how they are evolving constantly. Although this is not directly related to my current research, its part of my broader research interests.

Special Skills

I've been using crowdsourcing a lot, and I'm very acquainted with Mechanical Turk interface. I study adaptive spoken dialog systems, which are systems one can interact with by speaking to it. As most people of my age, I'm a social media user: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube. I'm also interested in how to build new social media, and what make a social media successful.

Wiki Contribution

Here is a list of the wiki page I contributed to: