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Wang Ling



Hi, my name is Wang Ling and I am proud to be a Phd student in the Dual Degree Carnegie Mellon Portugal PhD Program, between Carnegie Mellon University and Instituto Superior Tecnico.

For more information refer to my homepage.

For the Social Media Course

One possible topic of my thesis is to learn better models to translate text in social media. This is a difficult task due to the multilinguality and the distinct structure of the text in social media documents such as tweets. By the end of this course, I would like to gain a better grasp of the problems in this field.

For the course project, I would like to work on sentiment analysis on tweets in different languages, analising the difference in opinion in different countries in a given topic.

Wiki Write-up Assignments (Social Media Analysis 2012)

Wiki Write-up Assignments (Structured Prediction Fall 2011)