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I'm a master student of LTI at CMU. I'm attending this course to learn what main problems and critical techniques are there involved in social media, especially on text mining and graph of social networks.

My current research is mainly on dynamic Bayesian network applied in reading tutors. More generally, my research interest includes statistical machine learning and graphic models. Here is Yanbo Xu's Homepage


2011-02-01 Proposal Draft Yanbo Ming

2011-02-15 Proposal 2nd Draft Nitin Yandong Ming Yanbo

2011-03-16 Midterm Report Nitin Yandong Ming Yanbo

Paper Readings

2011-02-04 Hall et, EMNLP2008

2011-03-31 Teh et, JASA2006, including the algorithm MCMC algorithm for posterior inference under hierarchical Dirichlet process mixtures

2011-03-31 Zheleva and Getoor, WWW2009 including the algorithm Group-based classification model


2011-02-23 Chang and Blei, AOAS2010