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Hi, I am yanchuan (you can call me yc). I am a second year LTI PhD student from Singapore. You can find out more about me at

10-802 Analysis of Social Media (Fall 2012)


Controversial events detection

Write ups

  1. Yiming Yang, Thomas Pierce, and Jaime Carbonell. 1998. A study on retrospective and online event detection. In SIGIR 1998
  2. Qiankun Zhao, Prasenjit Mitra, and Bi Chen. 2007. Temporal and information flow based event detection from social text streams. In AAAI 2007
  3. Ana-Maria Popescu and Marco Pennacchiotti. 2010. Detecting controversial events from Twitter. In CIKM 2010

11-763 Structured Prediction (Fall 2011)

Write ups

For September deadline:

  1. Amir Globerson, Terry Y. Ko, Xavier Carreras, Michael Collins. 2007. Exponentiated Gradient Algorithms for Log Linear Structured Prediction. In ICML 2007
  2. Alan Ritter, Sam Clark, Mausam, Oren Etzioni. 2011. Named Entity Recognition in Tweets: An Experimental Study. In EMNLP 2011
  3. Jenny Rose Finkel and Christopher Manning. 2009. Nested Named Entity Recognition. In EMNLP 2009
  4. Dekang Lin and Xiaoyun Wu. 2009. Phrase Clustering for Discriminative Learning. In ACL 2009

For Nov 2 deadline:

  1. Ben Taskar, Dan Klein, Michael Collins, Daphne Koller, and Chris Manning. Max-margin Parsing. In EMNLP 2004
  2. CYK Parsing method

For Nov 30 deadline:

  1. William P. Headden III, Mark Johnson, David McClosky. Improving Unsupervised Dependency Parsing with Richer Conetxts and Smoothing. In NAACL 2009
  2. Inside Outside algorithm