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Reyyan Yeniterzi


Hi, I am Reyyan. I am a second year PhD student in LTI. I am currently working with Jamie Callan on Information Retrieval on Blogs.

I am interested in social media especially how and why people interact with it. I am also interested in behaviors of social networks. With this course I am hoping to learn more about these and hopefully apply them in a cool project.

In addition to IR, I am also working on Statistical Machine Translation as my 20% project. I am from Turkey therefore I focus mainly on SMT between English and Turkish. In my previous years, I worked on projects that are related to Computational Biology, Medical Informatics and Knowledge Representation.


Paper Summaries


Data Sets

Related to Information Extraction

If you are interested in Information Extraction below are some links to paper summaries and data sets. Enjoy :)

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Data Sets