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Pang Wangshu (Wash)

Wpang.profile pic.jpg

My name is Pang Wangshu (逄望舒 in Chinese). Pang(逄) is a extremely rare family name, which cannot be regonized and pronounced correctly by most Chinese. In my lab everyone call me by my nick name, Wash.

Who I am and why I'm here

I am a 2nd year master student from MSIT-VLIS program.

More information can be found at my external home page.


  • I've written 2,600 posts, and got more than 600 followers in Weibo (a Chinese Twitter-like service);
  • I can set up a Hadoop cluster of 15 nodes on Amazon AWS cloud within 5 minutes.

Course Project

I am working with Yun Wang (Maigo) on the Semi-supervised Generation of Wikipedia Infoboxes project.

Wiki Writeups